Project Overview

The geoparks` activities are focused on conservation and sustainable use of local natural and cultural heritage for socio-economic development, education and tourism. The key point of this approach is Geo-education where employees and volunteers are working to improve their activities, methodologies, practices and tools to captivate the local public, visitors, tourists,students, local and national administrations. Geo-education become a new extending occupation on the labor market with increasing demands for training and certification both for the 52 European Geoparks and for the new aspiring geoparks and other natural protected areas.


The project is based on a balanced geographical and cultural partnership of four geopark territories with different experience in geo-education and different national systems of training and certification. The project aims to define the requirements for this new occupation at the European level, the requirements for professional training in Geo-education and its recognition and link with the labour market. The partnership will develop workshops, forums and meetings for stakeholders as teachers, trainers, staff and trainees of geoparks, which will be an asset to the acquisition of skills. It is also intended to research and prepare, publish and disseminate this new methodology to boost Geo-education. This methodology will be disclosed and available to European and Global Geoparks Networks, Schools, Universities, UNESCO and other partners that will contribute also to implementation and sustainability of our project results.